Turn your Employees into Energised, Engaged, Informed Brand Advocates

HerdBoys Connect is a business social networking platform that will help you add more energy and excitement to your organisation, break down communication barriers and make your employees feel like they are an intricate part of your team. To do this HerdBoys have teamed up with some of the world's leading software developers and digital experts to deliver a fully featured business social networking platform that will help you get your people all on the same page and turn them into Energised, Engaged, Informed Brand Advocates.

Increase Employee Engagement

Get your employees working better together by increasing engagement in an informal, safe, secure, intuitive business social networking environment that incentivises teamwork.

Improve Knowledge Sharing & Transfer

Enable better decision making and ensure that your knowledge management initiatives deliver improved customer experiences and a significant return on investment.

Empower your Employees

Clear, intuitive interface allows a short learning curve with employees quickly feeling empowered to make strong contributions to projects and be actively involved by submitting ideas, commenting and sharing knowledge.

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